Municipal Captioning

Municipal Captioning helps Public, Educational, and Government broadcasters demystify artificial intelligence, closed captioning, and master control systems, enabling them to use emergent technology to create, broadcast and stream content in ways that are easily accessible to all community members.

Round with Bird


Municipal Captioning is excited to announce our new partnership with the fine folks at Boinx Software International to be the US distributor for the mimoRack – a one rack unit hardware system, pre-installed with the versatile mimoLive software and designed to be the ultimate broadcast, live streaming, graphics, and virtual camera solution for community media.

What Municipal Captioning Does

How We Do It

Closed Captioning systems for any video content is an essential piece of accessibility.  To that end, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have both passed down rulings requiring programming be closed-captioned for both channels and streaming.


Closed Captioning is an “unsolved liability” for MOST local government entities. Some government tv stations have been captioning their meetings for years, and we salute those pioneers who brought accessibility to their constituents when it was neither cheap nor easy.


Unfortunately, many stations are in violation of the ADA and are at daily risk of a formal complaint or lawsuit. A complaint or lawsuit can be filed by ANY individual whether they are a local resident or not.  This means your risk isn’t based on the litigiousness of your local residents, but that of lawyers elsewhere in your state or even in other states.