About Municipal Captioning

Municipal Captioning Inc. is dedicated to helping local government and non-profit broadcasters understand closed captioning, artificial intelligence, and content playback systems. Founded by Daniell Krawczyk in 2017, MC was born out of a recognition that PEG media broadcasters needed accurate information regarding ADA compliance and how to best navigate the myriad of captioning options available, in order to find the best solution for their channels, streams, and live meetings. Almost immediately, clients started asking for our help with their master control systems too.


At Municipal Captioning, we do things differently. While other companies often sell a single suite of products, we work with a wide variety of technology providers and continually research and evaluate the latest products and constantly evolving technology. By doing so, our customers benefit from thorough review of feature/cost variations enabling them to make an informed decision on solutions that fit their workflow and budget.


We provide our clients with the best possible information, sales, and support of content playback and captioning solutions and our years focusing on AI-based assistive tools have given us considerable expertise on the practical and creative uses of emerging AI technologies for production.


Let us help you create, stream, and broadcast in ways that are easily accessible to all community members, promoting inclusivity and citizen engagement.

About Daniell Krawczyk

With over two decades of experience in the community media and government TV space, Daniell Krawczyk has helped scores of local governments and Public, Education, and Government (PEG) media organizations navigate the complexities of closed captioning, master control, and emerging AI technologies.


His professional journey began in 2001 when he started working at Grand Rapids Community Media Center, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From there, he moved to Lowell Community Television, in Lowell Mass, where he played a pivotal role in creating the first broadcast ready content sharing platform for PEG – the Digital Bicycle. He then went on to serve as national sales director with several leading broadcast technology companies, including TelVue Corporation, LiveU, and Cablecast, where he gained invaluable insights into the latest trends and developments in technology. After more than 15 years in PEG media and technology sales, Daniell started Municipal Captioning, Inc. Under Daniell’s leadership, Municipal Captioning has become a trusted provider of closed captioning services and technology consulting, working with clients across the country.


Daniell is a sought-after public speaker and consultant on artificial intelligence, assistive technology, and content distribution, and he has been instrumental in helping organizations of all sizes and types implement new technologies to their content creation and distribution workflows.