Municipal Captioning Inc.

Closed-Captioning and Accessibility Solutions

founder of Municipal Captioning Inc.

Daniell Krawczyk is the founder of Municipal Captioning Inc. Prior to founding Municipal Captioning Inc. in 2017, Daniell was the National Sales Director for Cablecast by Tightrope Media Systems, and had similar roles at LiveU and TelVue, all focused on supporting local government channels with video acquisition, playback and distribution. 


After a dozen years of supporting those initiatives, Daniell recognized the sharp increase in municipal clients asking for help adding closed captioning to their channel and stream.  Daniell concluded that this was a challenging enough problem for most cities that it needed a dedicated specialist. 

Municipal Captioning Inc. is designed to be different.  While tech companies often sell a single suite of products and are competing with one another as the tech quickly evolves, we do things differently. Municipal Captioning Inc. reviews ALL providers.  By continually evaluating and researching the latest products and evolving technology, Municipal Captioning Inc. customers benefit from the advancing technology rather than a solitary platform. Municipal Captioning Inc. provides multiple options and a thorough review of the feature/cost variations enabling your team to make an informed decision without spending the investigative time investment Municipal Captioning Inc. is dedicated to providing.